On Thursday, August 25th from 6:30 - 9:30PM, The NWBLK will be hosting an exclusive preview party for event producers and agencies, which will showcase the space’s potential and present re-construction plans for 2017. It is an opportunity to be the first to reserve the space - before anyone else.

In conjunction with our preferred catering, rental and entertainment partners, we have put together an evening that will fully submerse your senses in the potential of our 12,500 sq. ft. indoor and outdoor venue.



Stag Dining launched in 2010 in The San Francisco Bay Area beginning small and growing big… fast (and we know why). They are both ingredient and technique driven, creating faire that celebrates seasons, local artists, winemakers, brewmasters and talented bartenders. Perhaps you have had one of their southern influenced cocktails by Derby Cocktail Co. on Friday at Off The Grid - Fort Mason Center, read about their infamous ‘Snow Cone Cocktail’ on 7×7′s Best of the Bay drinks, or attended one of their Clandestine Dinner Series (guided by Chefs Jordan Grosser and Ted Fleury, who draw culinary inspiration from music, wilderness, travel and art). If you have not been introduced to Stag yet, you will now! This full-service event production and catering company duo has roots deep in whole sustainability and connecting people with great food in compelling settings.


From the heart of Sonoma and Napa County’s Wine Country, we welcome Libations Unlimited - A seasonally inspired, made-from-scratch beverage catering service that specializes in artisan cocktails (and espresso!). Everything from the bartender, to the libations, to the traveling Teardrop and Bar Cart’s, is uniquely their own (and absolutely adorable to say the least).


Mission Hill Saloon


Stag Dining


Rebecca Jean Catering works across every and all types of cuisine, locations, themes and events. They are the chameleon of catering, having the magic to deliver (and deliver with impeccable performance) top quality service to any occasion for crowds anywhere from 50 to 1,500 people. This power house is considered the master of coaxing signature smoky flavor out of the grill and prepping light, filling fare. They only use fresh, seasonal ingredients, and are increasingly inspired by classic Southern comforts and traditional al fresco dishes.


Aside from the great music that plays on their website that makes you want to get up and groove with a fresh squeezed tequila spritzer in one hand and a delicious bite size ahi taco in the other (we may have re-loaded the page just to daydream in this mid-day fiesta), Fork and Spoon Productions is a full blown catering company — with 35 years experience in the books. They have worked in some of the most high acclaimed restaurants, including Spago, Jardiniere and Hawthorne Lane. Their professionalism surpasses  standards, creating memorable experiences across all  parties.


Founded by Chef/ Owner Tommy Halvorson, Foxtail Catering is another powerhouse, covering bases from cocktail parties for 200, 5 course seated dinners for 500, 3 day conferences for 1000 and grand celebrations 2000. They pride themselves (and have all right to) on bringing only the absolute best of what’s available to their clients, combined with an unbeatable farm direct program. Their menus are created to reflect the contemporary food scene (with the addition of a little interesting twist), introducing foodies to something new and exciting every time. With a restaurant approach, they finish everything a la minute, guaranteeing total freshness and beautifully plated items down to the very last detail.


In an increasingly evolving tech based city, Anderson Audio-Visual is the premier go-to for having the best (and most reliable) digital systems in place. Their specialty lies in audio visual, data and security design and integration that provides clients the paths for better engagement, collaboration and information deliverance. From initial concept meetings, through system design, integration and support, Anderson makes sure to keep the process easy for you by managing all aspects in order to deliver nothing less than amazing. With 20+ years experience, they have perfected the methods of designing and installing audio visual, data and security systems.


Do you have a high-profile company with many moving parts where success is critically dependent on the technology in use? Straight Up Technologies has been providing customized computer networking solutions and services for industry leaders in the technology, sports and entertainment industries since 2004. Their focus is high on functionality and performance, designing secure (and fully reliable) computer networking infrastructures, as well as video collaboration solutions, for leading-edge Fortune 500 and entertainment companies. From live events, to Film and Television Productions, Straight Up has you straight up covered.

Adam Allegro is an up and coming Bay Area based photographer. Following graduation from the United States Naval Academy and honorably resigning from active duty at the rank of Lieutenant, Adam spent two years backpacking and photographing around Asia and Latin America. In 2016, he received a Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute where he developed a refined focus in documentary photography. His vision is guided by the philosophy that “the physical space we interact with on a daily basis is both dynamic and unpredictable”. As a result, Adam observes people and their interactions with the space surrounding them, in an attempt to better understand his urban experience. He applies this photographic approach by focusing on methods which “humanize subjects through their mundane actions and daily lives”, with the perspective of creating a unique view for his audience to help them perceive the world a little more empathetically.


Classic Party Rentals


Ken Woodard is an eclectic, multi-talented artist, with the ability to wear many hats within the audio and visual world. In collaboration with Steven Miller, he is the sound and vision of The NWBLK. He has produced award winning work for Southwestern Bell and Bank of America, shot the Levi’s commercial voted one of the year’s ‘Ten Best’ by Time Magazine and more. His sound is reflective of his very diverse talents, ranging from wispy synth electronic to new age disco that you cannot help but to move to (Seriously. It’s contagious.). With playlist tags like “Kongas”, “Bed Shuttle”, “KRUNKNO” and “PurpleTurbo”, Woodard doesn’t ride the waves — He makes them.