More vibrant than ever, the city by the bay is experiencing a surge of energy from a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovative young chefs, and design mavericks.


The sheer physical beauty of San Francisco remains constant, from the grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay to the steep hills veiled by the region’s cool, distinctive fogs. But these days, the spirit of the city is in an exciting state of flux. Briefly chastened by the dot-com boom and bust of the last decade, San Francisco has regained its self-confidence, thanks to a newly recharged tech industry and the younger, hipper members of its workforce who are changing the city’s borders, tastes, and self-definition.

Designer Steven Miller has launched the NWBLK (pronounced “the new black”), a gallery and shop housed in a cavernous warehouse that showcases everything from leather jackets to bicycles to handmade furniture.

The best of these offbeat endeavours feel right at home in a city once known for its Beat poets, its hippies, and its gay pride. San Francisco’s new vibrancy isn’t necessarily a sloughing off of past selves—rather, it shows a willingness to reshape its identity for a new generation. ◾