Fall 2015: Coming Soon

One of the best times of the Fall, we at The NWBLK always look forward to hosting DIFFA Designs, an amazing evening that includes great food, drink, entertainment, and an auction. Last year DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, contributed $40,000 to local AIDS research, an organizational record. As part of our continued support for the mission of DIFFA, we are donating our facilities, for their annual fundraiser, September 24th, 2015. Steven Miller, The NWBLK’s Founder and Creative Director, is Co-Chairing the event for a second year in a row. Please buy tickets and join us for this great event!

An integral component to the NWBLK collection from the get go, Melbourne, Australia designer Christopher Boots is visiting the gallery next week for a private breakfast. Christopher’s work has organically evolved in ever so beautiful ways since we introduced him to San Francisco in 2012, culminating with his collaboration with Hermes to create a luxurious installation in their windows and stores in the Madison Avenue locations in New York. Christopher Boots has a full roll-out of new product planned for 2016.

“Materiality is so paramount in a material world—we need an understanding of the things that surround us so we can have the ability to change them, to work them, to mold the world that we live in in ways that suit our dreams. I love the physical and metaphysical properties of quartz, so I’m surrounded in my studio by hundreds of kilograms of rocks all the time. My desk is covered in a variety of rocks: obsidian, fluorite, pyrite, smokey quartz, rose quartz. Having them in my space inspires and grounds me.”

Information: http://www.diffasf.org/
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/diffa-designs-presented-by-roche-bobois-tickets-18120187970
Christopher Boots: http://thenwblk.com/agenda/profiles/christopher-boots/