The Equation Series: Basil Racuk

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What happens when the New Black brings together a world class artisan, a jet setting professional, and tasks them with creating a refined and functional leather bag that exceeds the standards of the modern urban dweller?

The New Black announces the first in its Equation Series: One designer, the NWBLK creatives, and the public exploring the process of design and production

Our first subject, Basil Racuk is joined by Jamestown Properties Creative Vice President George Krauth (Chelsea Market NY) to collaborate on a custom bag designed to suit George’s lifestyle.

“Luxury is the experience.” The dialogue and interaction between Racuk and Krauth is presented with tools and a live audience in a workshop installed at the New Black.

This special occasion, Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 6pm is limited to the first 200 guests.

$500 towards a custom piece by Racuk will be offered to attendees and customers for $350. The collection of Basil Racuk bags at the NWBLK will be on display and for purchase exclusively at the gallery.

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