Christopher Boots is The NWBLK

Unexpected things happen. Having travelled across the world viewing architecture and design projects of all scale and impossibilities, a friend turned me on to Christopher Boots lighting.

“That’s it!” I shouted, as if I was J. Peterman having scoured the interior of the congo for months looking for just that right indigo dye.

Boots’ work is at once elegant and refined, yet bold, fresh, and industrial. It’s the most exciting addition to the interior lighting market I’ve seen in some time. I immediately fired off an email, and a few months later the New Black is the first
to introduce the line to North America.

Who places quartz crystal fragments inside a ring of LEDs? Brilliant.
And it just gets better and better…….

All fixtures available at the NWBLK in a variety of sizes and finishes
For inquiries contact / Tear sheets on request
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Visit us at 1999 Bryant Street / San Francisco / Call us at 415.621.2344


Excerpts from an interview with Christopher reprinted from the blog You Have Been Here Sometime ;

People occasionally ask about the energetic properties of crystals, magnets and light being all placed together and powered up. I guess that the result speaks for itself- a glowing manifestation of the crystalline structures of minerals. Essentially, they retain any information that is programmed into them energetically.

What are rare earth magnets?
Rare earth magnets earth’s are classified as rare since they use minerals such as neodymium that keep their magnetism permanently. They are adhered to the crystals, and thus magnetized to the frames made from steel (iron+carbon) very strongly, allowing them to be re-arranged and removed for cleaning (perhaps cleansing out in the full moon as required if that’s your thing) and aesthetic purposes. This kind of interaction engages and personalizes the product experience

What makes a light interesting?
Thats a good question! And very open to interpretation. Personally, it needs to speak to me in a language that is not cut and paste, that has an effect that is gentle to the eye (think ambiance and the effect on the face and perception of the space) and allows one to ponder how it all came together, without being too busy or fussy. And it has to be easy to clean and maintain. Longevity is critical in a product, it must look as good or better in 10 or 20 years time as it does today. Materials you are interested in working with, or are currently working with? Bronze- love it- amazing textures can be created by hand in the wax molds, beautiful colors, warmth and timeless classicism. Quartz- forever amazing, a manifestation of pure earth energy, clear as ice and each and every one has its own character and individuality, just like people all the same yet different. Gold - never tarnishes, always keeps its sheen, is antimicrobial (crazy huh!) and in small quantities is never ostentatious. I like to use it in interior surfaces where only a glimpse may be had- so as to create a surprise.

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