Burwell and Sons Loudspeakers for The NWBLK

Setting out to recreate the visceral experience of listening to live music eroded by the advent of ear-buds and plastic speakers, the two Gordons travelled back to the golden era of audio reproduction. Drawing guidance from early audio innovators the Burwell’s opted to employ a collection of vintage Altec Lansing and JBL speakers from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.
Gordon: “Sometime in the 80’s and 90’s the focus turned to getting big sound out of small speakers. We don’t think smaller turned out better. Movies are great, but when we want to hear what planes and helicopters sound like we go outside.” Come demo the speakers at the NWBLK Gallery and see what he’s talking about.

Burwell & Sons: The NWBLK Interview from The NWBLK on Vimeo.

Historical Fact:The iconic Lansing Corporation introduced the first major system to win an Academy Award for technical achievement in 1937 and the iconic system employed a high frequency horn and 15” low frequency driver.

BIG AND LOUD: Crafting fine wood cabinets, and hand sculpted, marquetry, hardwood horns, Burwell and Sons have crafted a modern update to the classic Voice of the Theater cabinets that are big and loud. After 2 years of full time research and development, the two produced the original pair of speakers now available at The NWBLK.

The Speakers feature a traditional 2-way speaker system design utilizing a 14” woofer for the low frequency and a compression driver for the high frequency horns.
The best way to experience big sound at home is with a stereo and two big loudspeakers at least 12-15’ apart, 10-12’ away, pointing right at you on the couch.
No one two set of B and S speakers is ever the same due to the hardwood.
Custom finishes and materials available to tailor the speakers to your interior aesthetic.

“Besides when you go to a live rock n’ roll performance they don’t stick the guy on the bass behind the couch.”