Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects (OPA) is a San Francisco-based design studio, focusing on progressive design that specializes in the inclusion of new media and digital technologies in architecture. Established in 2000, OPA has been globally recognized for projects that reflect a dense layering of architectural and technological issues. In the interest of broadening the range of design strategies, the office also sustains a commitment to formal and computational research. The Polytype 22 table was a collaboration with fabricator and manufacturer Concreteworks.

Concreteworks was founded in a small artist warehouse in 1991. Fresh out of architecture school, Mark Rogero was drawn to the concrete laden designs of architects like Louis Kahn, Mies Van der Rohe and La Corbusier. He chose a path that followed his true inspiration in the design and fabrication of concrete, and has been an innovator in the field ever since. His involvement in award winning projects like Bar Agricole and others has driven his reputation as the leader in his field the world over.