A season 10 finalist on Project Runway, Melissa launched her private label leather jackets and clutches at The NWBLK Spring 2013.

Her maverick leather work employs unconventional hand embroidery techniques bringing a punk edge to high fashion.

“Out of all the different mediums I’ve used as an artists, I’ve found that only leather has truly resonated with me. Using the highest quality hide allows me to tap into the more “natural” elements within my designs. I love it’s history - the story it tells, and the beauty of the entire process of it becoming your own. The smells, textures, and that unique fit you only get after the garments has molded to your body all play an important role. The idea that life through death, can yield an entirely new and unique existence continues to be a recurring source of inspiration for me.”

Melissa’s aesthetic is heavily inspired by early 20th century German art movements such as the Bauhaus and Dada.

Studying under Alexander McQueen associate Simon Ungless, Melissa recieved her Master of Fine Arts in fashion design from the Academy of Art University, and her Bachelor of Art from the University of Michigan