Joe Doucet’s mantra is simple: everything communicates. Consequently, as a designer, inventor, artist and auteur, his work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message.

Being driven by an insatiable curiosity, Doucet believes that design and, more importantly, a designer’s thought process can play a larger role in innovation and problem solving, as well as aesthetics, whether that be for brands, their product portfolios or for a broader social context. His portfolio therefore encompasses furniture, consumer electronics, corporate identity, jewelry, fashion, technology,children’s toys, environments and architecture, delivering innovation across a variety of industries.

With clients as diverse as Moët & Chandon, Braun, Target, Armani, Coty, P&G, Disney, Playboy and Missoni, Doucet brings as much breadth as he does depth to his work. His commercial work is matched by his desire to develop innovations that quite simply make life better.