Co-founded by San Francisco designer Aaron Jones, 34, Galanter & Jones is a design + build studio that debuted with a line of heated outdoor furniture in 2013. Miranda Jones, Aaron’s sister is now a partner of the operation. The Evia and Helios cast stone benches are the first in a line that offer an elegant answer to wimpy and insufficient heat lamps and fire pits. “Heating up your body is much more efficient than heating the air around you.” Additionally inspired by radiantly heated floors and heated car seats, Aaron achieved his goal in creating an energy efficient and cozy lounge.

Helios, the plug-in-ready four-seater, and Evia, a three seater, draw about as much energy as a hair dryer at 1,500 watts. The electric heating elements are fully integrated, cycling on and off to regulate temperature. Built for the outdoors, the “brain” is sealed in a weatherproof casing.

Measuring 94 inches long and 2 1/2 feet tall, the lounge weighs about 250 pounds. The cast-stone surface, which comes in five colors, sits on a powder-coated steel base. Custom colors available.