Born in Scotland in 1966, David Taylor works as an artist and designer based in Stockhold, Sweden.

After graduating from Konstfack 1999, David started his own company, receiving many accolades for his work: The prestigious RED DOT award in 2003 and 2006, the Marianne & Sivgard Bernadottes Art Award and the Elle Interior Design Award, amongst others.

Taylor believes that beauty needs corruption. Both silversmith and designer, David allows his work to be defiled by surprising and unholy fancy. In a world obsessed with status, branding and expense, he develops his ingenious guerrilla-art between exquisite silversmithing, junk aesthetics and elegance. To work in silver is to choose a proud tradition, but with that follows conservative expectations. Taylor challenges these expectations; what does exclusive look like, what it can portray? His silver is both serious and amusing, grafted with the souvenirs of sentimentality, with pop cultures’ worthless debris and disseminates what is important today: reflection, humour and need for something different. Taylor works quickly and intuitively, the desire for movement is strong.

His industrial design is strikingly concrete. Ideas are drawn to their focal point where expression and function reach a toy-like clarity. While David Taylor’s journey of discovery goes on, his work continues to tell us about ourselves, about our weaknesses and about our dreams in these days of mass- consumption.

David’s work is represented in several important collections amongst them The Röhsska Museum, The National Museum of Sweden and Germany’s Design Zentrum in Nordrheim.