Burwell & Sons are a revival of the audio innovation behind the great studio recordings of the 1960’s and 1970’s, from Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, to Phil Spector and the Wall of Sound. Respected electricians with an affinity for Hi-Fi sound, Gordon Sr. and Gordon Jr. found they were left wanting when surveying existing performance audio products. To truly capture the powerful sound of the music that inspired them in the 70’s and today they figured they’d simply do it themselves, and began to source and vet the finest vintage speaker components every built, integrating them into hand-crafted wood cabinets. The sophisticated, exotic wood marquetry horns combine a compelling aesthetic with a high level of audio performance. Each set of speakers built is one of a kind, and never reproduced exactly the same.

At the heart of the Burwell & Son’s loudspeakers are the vintage Altec “Voice of the Theater” speaker components. Crafting wood cabinets to harness the highest level of sound reproduction represented in these components, the Burwell & Sons team are carrying the achievements of Paul Klipsch, James B. Lansing, and the men and women of the Altec Lansing Corporation into the 21st Century.

“I can see how many a music lover will be seduced by the nice, mid-range strong beauty, and burnished romantic presentation of these babies.”
Stereophile, Jason Victor Serinus 2013

Burwell & Sons: The NWBLK Interview from The NWBLK on Vimeo.