Creators Talk: Yes, There is Soul in Contemporary Design.
April 1st, 2015 at The Battery. 730-900PM. The guest list has closed.

NWBLK x Cultured Magazine Present a new design series, Creators Talk,
where innovators from the fields of architecture, interiors and art take part in a salon-style discussion at The Battery.

For the inaugural Talk, NWBLK’s Creative Director Steven Miller and Cultured Magazine’s Executive Editor Tali Jaffe sit down with the principals of Aidlin Darling Design, Joshua Aidlin and David Darling.

One of the most sought after architecture firms in Northern California, Aidlin Darling is behind iconic Bay Area buildings like Bar Agricole, The Emeryville Center for the Arts, Scribe Winery and most recently, the Windhover Contemplative Center at Stanford University.

To learn more about the powerhouse panel please visit,,, and

The NWBLK (New Black) has quickly earned a reputation for discovering new talent in art and design, while also presenting an international roster of creative talent in their expansive gallery space in Mission Creek.

Cultured Magazine is a celebrated art, architecture and design magazine that pushes the boundaries of your typical shelter publication with unparalleled thought-provoking content.



In honor of Elle Decor’s inclusion of Overgaard & Dyrman’s Wire Sofa in this month’s What’s Hot, we have published the latest in our “13 Questions” interview series with Creative Director, Steven Miller.

Answers by Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman (OD)

SM: What is your (or the firms partners) background(s)?

OD: Prior to founding O&D with Jasper, Christian worked in the product development department of a Danish textile and furniture company. Christian holds a Master of Fine Arts in Furniture and Spatial Design from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Aalborg University, and an earlier education as a blacksmith. Jasper worked as a Senior Product Designer within the design and furniture industry at a strategic design consultancy in Copenhagen. Like Christian Jasper holds a Master of Fine Arts in Furniture and Spatial Design from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Aalborg University.

SM: How did you come to found Overgaard & Dyrman?
OD: In 2004 we had both decided to become engineers. Accidentally we were put in the same study group on the first day we entered Aalborg University. We have been working together ever since. At the end we didn’t end up as engineers, but instead we both finished our studies in Copenhagen with a Master Degree in Furniture and Industrial Design. After that Christian moved back to the northern part of Denmark and Jasper stayed in Copenhagen. Even when separated in each part of the country, having two different jobs, our spare time was continually used at common projects. A quote by Tony Robbins was a pivotal point and gave the final push for our joint design dreams: “Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” In Jan. 2013 we both felt that the time was right to quit our jobs (which were definitely great jobs) - and that became the beginning of Overgaard & Dyrman.

SM: What is it that most excites you about the work you do? what part of your process is most exhilarating?
OD: To be able to create new things from scratch on our own terms is very exciting. A very exhilarating thing is to work with both a detailing and a holistic approach at the same time – that is how we think truly great thing can be achieved.

SM: What do you do to “re-fuel” your creativity?
OD: It’s not like we have a certain procedure for re-filling creativity. Sometimes it’s just there. Often it has something to do with new inputs and for us they might as well appear on a walk in the neighborhood as on a travel to other parts of the world. But when it happens it often results in sleepless nights.

SM: We at the NWBLK believe that most people interested in architecture and design are also interested in other pursuits like food, fashion, music and technology. How do these things weigh in to the way that you think about your creative endeavors?
We often get inspired and motivated by people who are really dedicated to, passionate about and skilled at what they do whether if it’s a musician, chef, artists, writer etc. That also reflects how we want people to see us. We could write a lot to this topic. People that inspire us the most are the ones dedicated to what they do. That is people who do not compromise, who do not always strive after the easiest or cheapest solution but rather goes after the best solution.

SM: Who’s work most fascinates, inspires or repels you and motivates you to action?
OD: Old school craftsmen always make a great impression to us. We don’t idolizes one specific superstar, but are more picking extracts from different peoples approach and work to find inspiration for our own work.

SM: In what ways do you give back to your greater community? Do you teach or are you involved in sponsored events or fundraising? Do you have a charitable cause that you like to contribute to financially or otherwise?
OD: With our approach to design and manufacturing we hope that we can inspire others to strive after a passionate way of living based on thoughtful consumption habits. We hope to be able to also contribute in a more directly sense when our company has grown into a stronger position.

SM: Many people that we talk to have said the travel is very important to their inspiration. Are there places that you like to go for inspiration?
OD: Traveling is always a great way to broaden your perspective, and there are infinite places we would like to explore. We love to travel, and for us great inspiration often appears when discovering new places. But as mentioned we might as well find inspiration in our own backyard as at the Grand tour through Paris etc.

SM: Do you attend tradeshows or fares; fashion week etc. when you travel?
OD: We like to exhibit at places that stand out from the crowd. This means places with a little edge that gives us the opportunity to tell our stories in interesting surroundings. In some way we do not really fit in at the big tradeshows and fares. Therefore it’s also these kinds of often smaller and more unique places we search for when travelling.

SM: What are your favorite magazines? Digital or print?
OD: Monocle – A global magazine with great balance between good stories, fine graphics and beautiful pictures.
SM: What is your favorite color?
OD: For us there is not one favorite color that stands out from the rest. It’s all about the context it is used in.
SM: What’s the NWBLK?
OD: The new black is to approach the world with more consciousness and conscience, to value diligence and to be open-minded and transparent in what you do.

The Wire Collection by Overgaard & Dyrman is exclusively available in the United States through the NWBLK. Visit the for more information.



Hermès New York commissioned The NWBLK lighting designer, Christopher Boots to create magical holiday windows for the season themed ‘Metamorpheses’. The installation is up through January 15, 2015.

For information on standard and custom lighting by Christopher Boots, please contact The NWBLK at 415.621.2344,

The theme proposed by Hermes for the installation was “Metamorphosis.” “What a beautiful theme, a poetic concept, that has the possibility of being interpreted in many ways. How do we experience what metamorphosis looks like? A butterfly from a cocoon. A volcano spewing forth liquid rock. A continent shifting, crushing carbon and creating diamonds. My recourse was to look at the classical world. My genetic heritage is all Greek, so it felt natural to ‘talk’ through my history by referencing archetypes, tying this in with the history of Hermès telling the stories that are so human to us all, that make us, us. References to Icarus and Daedalus, Pegasus and Bellerophon were among the initial guiding agencies that defined the interpretation of this theme.”

“A few fixtures are products that are part of my current collection, and some are especially created for Hermès. Thousands of hours of work have gone into conceptualizing, negotiating, prototyping, testing, making and installing. Thank goodness for the teams that have assisted in getting this project off the ground and into the air. TwoSeven, Hermès and my wonderful studio, who to me are my family. Without collaboration we are nothing.”

“Materiality is so paramount in a material world—we need an understanding of the things that surround us so we can have the ability to change them, to work them, to mold the world that we live in in ways that suit our dreams. I love the physical and metaphysical properties of quartz, so I’m surrounded in my studio by hundreds of kilograms of rocks all the time. My desk is covered in a variety of rocks: obsidian, fluorite, pyrite, smokey quartz, rose quartz. Having them in my space inspires and grounds me, and my aesthetic is directly influenced by the crystalline structures that these elements represent. The transparency and opacity of these minerals leaves a lot of possibilities.”

Excerpted from Cool Hunting’s November 21, 2014 article by David Graver.



FOG FAIR AFTER PARTY hosted by Cultured + The NWBLK
Thursday, January 15th, 2015, 8-11PM

The party was a huge success with attendance by Cultured Magazine’s Founder Sarah Harrelson and Editor Tali Jaffe, artist’s David Wiseman, The Haas brothers, gallerists, Evan Snyderman, Todd Merril, Lauren Geremia, and more. Read the event wrap at Cultured Magazine.

NWBLK Creative Director, Steven Miller, partnered with Executive Editor, Tali Jaffe, to design Cultured Magazine’s Fog Fair booth, featuring, AMMA Studios, David Wiseman, and more.

‘Cultured’ is a Miami-based design and art quarterly founded by Sarah Harrelson and Carlos Suarez in 2010.

The NWBLK and Cultured are hosting Fog Fair dealers, designers, and many of San Francisco’s Art and Design scenes most important players at the official after-party Thursday, January 15th, 2015, 8-11PM.



NWBLK designer Tom Strala exhibited in Belgrade’s Design Week in October when introduced to Marc Viardot, Director of Marketing and Product for the legendary Swiss company Laufen.

Plans to open Laufen’s U.S. Headquarters and showroom in Miami accelerated towards a date during Design Miami. Marc, already having plans in place to create an installation around the SaphirKeramik project, (by iconic designers Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen) recognized the opportunity to include and promote the iconic work by Strala.

An email from Tom arrived in early October saying, “I just met the Chief of Laufen and they want me to do something with them at Design Miami. It’s a good opportunity, we should do it.”

In three short weeks, Tom Strala and NWBLK devised a plan to join Laufen and Miami Ironside’s exciting Design Escape program.

Strala’s unusual approach to material, light, and form will be on full display during the exhibition. Strala is a master of understanding three-dimensions, employing geometrical games to compose stunning and precise lighting, furniture and objects d’art. We invite you to and see the intriguing and stunning results starting this Sunday.

Design Talk: Materialized Intelligence | 7:30 pm
Swiss designer Tom Strala, LAUFEN’s Director of Marketing and Products Marc Viardot, and Belgrade Design Week Founder and Curator, Jovan Jelovac.
Miami Ironside’s Campus Collective Party / 3 Dec, 7-11 pm.

You can purchase Tom’s work from the NWBLK by clicking these hyperlinked words.
READ Design Boom’s incredible article on Tom and his process.

Ron Arad Moroso Lounge
Alastair Gordon, Wall Street Journal contributing editor of Design and Architecture, leads a thoughtful discourse on designing the future with Ron Arad, Patrizia Moroso, and Piero Lissoni.

Design Escape
30 November - December 7, 2014
11am-6pm; unless otherwise noted

Laufen Bathrooms North America
7610 NE 4th Court, Suite 104
Miami, FL 33138